Wealth Management Services for Individuals

Wealth Management Services For Individuals

We serve as your comprehensive financial planner, able to assist you with all aspects of your financial life. Unlike many advisors that are focused on attracting as many of your assets as possible and slotting you into their investment models, we serve as your unbiased, financial counselor. This allows us to always have your best interest in mind and let that principle guide all of our recommendations to you.

Our Role With You

01 Go-to Advisor

Above all else, we are your advisor for whatever life throws at you. Whether you’re proactively planning for expenses down the road, going through a divorce, or just trying to make a big financial choice, we’re here to help you make the decision that’s best for you.

02 Investment Strategist

There is an endless supply of enticing investment ideas and we’re here to help you make the right choices for you. We help you establish a plan to achieve your goals and then find the right investments to best accomplish those goals.

03 Financial Soundboard

We help you work through any financial decisions that come your way. Whether it’s a large purchase, a private investment or working on your retirement plan, we are here to listen to your questions and help you find the best answers.

04 Innovative Problem Solver

We are your financial consultant and our goal is to help you achieve your goals and simplify your life along the way. We know you’re unique, so we evaluate you and your situation accordingly. We don’t utilize investment models, so we can always adapt and find the right solution for you.

  • Alternative Investing Services
  • Portfolio & Asset Management
  • Trust Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Tax Management
  • Insurance Planning
  • Philanthropy Planning

Alternative Investing Services

We provide independent advice on alternative investments because we aren’t incentivized to sell these products to you. Alternative investments can mean any number of things that aren’t traditional stocks or bonds: i.e. hedge funds, private equity, real estate, venture capital, etc. Not only do we review and advise on these opportunities, but we’re also able to source them for you as a way to uncover new and interesting ways to diversify your portfolio.

We focus on:
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Independent advise
  • Review & advice
  • Investment sourcing

Portfolio & Asset Management

Our asset management philosophy is formed by our strong belief that proper allocation is the most important component towards achieving your goals. We focus on minimizing fees and getting everything in the right place. The two most common mistakes in portfolio management are chasing returns and focusing too much on security selection rather than asset allocation. Simplicity beats complexity; this tenet allows us to reduce costs, improve investment behavior and enhance returns.

We focus on:
  • Fee minimization
  • Tax efficiency
  • Proper asset allocation
  • Advice for all assets not just investment accounts

Trust Management

Using trusts to organize your finances can be a helpful and important step, no matter your net worth. We assist you with determining the proper construct for the titling and organization of your accounts, which helps you protect your privacy and simplify everything for you and your family.

We focus on:
  • Simplifying the process
  • Organizing your finances
  • Proper titling & account organization
  • Privacy protection

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a vital step for all people in all phases of life. Often misunderstood to only be relevant to the ultra-wealthy, developing and maintaining a sound estate plan can greatly simplify and protect your assets in a time of great need. From basic to complex, we can assist you in how best to craft the right plan for you and your family.

We focus on:
  • Crafting estate plans
  • Planning early to simplify the process

Education Planning

We help you optimize a plan for how best to pay for the education of your children and/or grandchildren. This can be by helping you establish the correct accounts, the extent of which to fund those accounts and how to properly invest in those accounts.

We focus on:
  • Setting up the right account
  • How to best fund the account
  • How to best invest for return

Tax Management

Our biggest value-add with regards to taxes is that we consider them with regards to all of our advice. Too often, advisors choose a fund that shows good performance, but when you take a closer look, the resulting taxes erode a great deal of performance. In addition to managing portfolios with taxes in mind, we assist you with how best to implement tax strategies that complement your investments and often collaborate with your tax advisor.

We focus on:
  • Tax strategy implementation
  • Strategies to complement investments
  • Collaborate with your tax advisor

Insurance Planning

Simply put, Insurance is one of the most oversold products within our industry; however, it’s also a necessary evil. We remove the conflict of interest so that we can assist you in making sure you have the proper coverage. By adhering to our independent, fiduciary model, we can do a true needs analysis with regards to all forms of insurance that you may need. First, we determine the needs. And from there, we source it out to find the best possible combination of price and policy that fits your needs.

We focus on:
  • Securing proper coverage
  • Need based recomendations
  • True, independent analysis of options
  • Best price to policy combination

Philanthropy Planning

Depending on your philanthropic desires, we are here to help you get the most bang for your buck. Whether it be helping you determine what amount you can give, how best to fund your giving, or even setting up a Donor Advised Fund, we’re able to help you craft the best plan for you.

We focus on:
  • How best to fund philanthropic efforts
  • How to set up a donor advised fund

Wealth Management Fees & Costs

Our only financial incentive is your success, so we are always focused on making the best possible recommendation for you. Furthermore, our fee schedule is not simply a percentage of your assets. We customize a fee schedule for you, based on your unique situation or the actual services that we provide for you.