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Evolve. Value. Plan.

EVP is a boutique wealth management firm built by professional wealth management advisors & financial planners in Kansas City. We provide a range of investment consulting services, not limited to portfolio management and retirement planning. We know that you are unique, so we engage with you accordingly. We offer a tiered approach, whereby you employ us in the manner which provides the most value to you.

That mindset didn't work for us

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After working at some of the premier firms in the financial industry, we noticed the traditional wealth management model focused more on maximizing revenue than helping their clients. The Wall Street firms became the primary source for financial advice, but over the years, the structure and the incentives have evolved in their favor. The people remain capable, but the industry model is too profitable for them to motivate any change.

Who We Are

Frustrated with this disconnect, we set out to build a new model – a model that puts you first. Instead of focusing on how many assets we can attract from you, we decided to focus on what you need from us. That is the guiding principle behind how we’ve built our business and how we work with you.

Fiduciaries put their clients first

At EVP, we operate under the fiduciary standard and take it one step further by applying this standard to all client engagement, rather than just the accounts we manage. In comparison, traditional wealth management firms operate under the suitability standard, meaning they simply must be able to justify any investment decisions, but not actually put the client’s interest before its own.

  • Portfolio & Asset Management
  • Trust Management
  • Estate Management
  • Education Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Tax Management
  • Philanthropy & Endowment
  • Lifestyle Advising

Portfolio & Asset Management

We consult on all areas of asset management & portfolio management for investment accounts. We do not maintain models for investment, but rather, customize each client’s personal portfolio.

Trust Management

We work with all forms of personal trusts.

Estate Management

We assist clients with their estate planning and will often coordinate directly with their attorney in constructing, implementing and monitoring the plan.

Education Planning

We provide advice on how to save for both private and higher education, as well as coordinate the investment management of these accounts.

Insurance Planning

We assist clients in determining a needs analysis for all types of insurance and if warranted, we source through a general agent in order to get competing bids rather than being linked to one provider.

Tax Management

Effective tax management is one of the most overlooked segments of a successful portfolio. We assess the taxable impact and focus on reducing such impact whenever possible. Failure to do so can be the difference between a good portfolio and a great portfolio.

Philanthropy & Endowment

As part of a client’s plan, we can assist them with different forms of philanthropic decision making and planning.

Lifestyle Advising

As part of our overall analysis, we work with our clients on what types of goals they want to set and the lifestyle choices necessary to get there.

We're in it for the long haul

We engage with clients based on chemistry, trust, and value. We work with clients that we enjoy helping, who trust us and for whom we can provide value. By prioritizing in this manner, our relationships stand the test of time. EVP is there to guide you through every phase of life.

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