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Institutional Investor and Consultant in Kansas City

An extension of your team

Institutions come in all shapes and sizes, and as a result, they have many different investment options available. For many larger institutions, this requires hiring a staff to manage the investments. For this reason, many institutions are able to achieve extremely high returns.

Your investor & consultant

Our staff investment professionals aren't practical for most institutions.

However, a full staff or even one investment professional isn’t practical for most institutions. As a result, the returns often suffer because investment management falls to staff or board members, instead of an investment professional.

We work with institutions to fill this void. We serve as the investment adviser to the institution, assisting them with investment selection and by fulfilling their fiduciary duty to the institution.

  • Investment Strategy
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Risk Management
  • Manager Hiring & Firing
  • Rebalancing

Investment Strategy

We assist you with articulating the needs of your institution and what kind of strategy you will use to get there.

Portfolio Construction

We will help you to build an optimal portfolio within the guidelines of your Investment Policy Statement. Based on your goals, we’ll help you to put the pieces together to construct the most efficient portfolio for your institution.

Risk Management

We ensure that the investments being utilized within your portfolio match the risk tolerance of your institution. Further, we ensure that your portfolio is aligned to meet any future liabilities of the institution.

Manager Hiring & Firing

As fund managers are used within your portfolio, we’ll assist you with hiring the managers best suited to the goals of your institution. We’ll then ensure that those managers continue to meet your needs and, when appropriate, help you to decide when changes need to be made.


Rebalancing is the process of realigning the holdings within a portfolio to maintain the proper weightings for each asset. This means selling the assets that are rising and buying those that have fallen, so it can be a painful but prudent action to ensure that your portfolio stays within the risk tolerance for your institution.

Offering Stability and Efficiency

An outsourced investment manager provides stability to the investment management process in a cost-effective way. We are flexible with how we can integrate with you. Whether it’s assisting with evaluation as a second set of eyes or by leading your investment committee, we’ll adapt to best fit your needs and help improve your investment management process.