Business Retirement Plan Strategies

A plan for your business

There are several types of retirement plans for your business to choose from.

There are several types of business retirement plan strategies for your business to choose from and the options can be confusing. Finding the right one for you and your business depends on several factors, such as size, cost, and objectives.

Understanding the differences and how they fit into your organization and match your goals is an important exercise. Doing so can yield profound benefits, such saving more for retirement or lowering your taxes.

We partner with you, not the providers

We partner with companies, not with providers. As an independent, fee-only advisor, we are able to provide an unbiased approach to service provider analysis. Unlike vendors who are incented to sell a certain product, our only incentive is to put our plan sponsors in a position to make more informed decisions that best serve you.

High quality products, competitive costs

We serve as your advocate to ensure that your plan’s service providers are delivering the highest quality products and services at the most competitive total plan cost, directly affecting plan participants by lowering fees and/or enhancing services.

Our Services


Ideal for self-employed people or small business owners. Contributions to these plans are made only by the employer and are tax deductible as a business expense. They are extremely easy to set up and maintain and have no set fees, while also offering high contribution limits.

02 Simple IRA

These plans are only for business with fewer than 100 employees. Contributions are tax-deductible and can be made by both the employer and employee. This plan provides a low-cost option for all participants but has a lower maximum contribution limit.

03 401(k)

These plans can be for any type of company but are most suitable for larger companies, given setup costs, administration, and fiduciary responsibilities. Contributions can be made by employer and employee and can either be made pre or post-tax, with a Roth provision. Higher contribution and catch up contribution limits are offered.

Planning Process

Step One Step Two Step 3

Design a plan

We work with you to ensure that your plan is designed to meet the unique objectives of your organization. Retirement plans can be designed primarily for the employees, the employer, or both. Time and money are the drivers of these decisions, so it’s vital to match them correctly. Depending on your objectives, we’ll help you determine what will work best for you over the long haul.

Choosing the right investment

We work with you to select the best possible investments within your plan. Much of this work can be done in selecting the provider, but going a step further, we’ll assist you in breaking down the actual investments offered within your plan to ensure that you’re not only meeting your fiduciary requirements but also greatly impacting the outcome of your participants.

Education about your plan

The final step in creating the best possible plan for the participants is educating them on how they may utilize the plan. At a base level, we provide this education to all employees to ensure that they understand what is available to them. From there, we provide additional education and guidance to any participant on how to get the most out of their plan.

Wealth management fees & costs

Our only financial incentive is your success, so we are always focused on making the best possible recommendation for you. Furthermore, our fee schedule is not simply a percentage of your assets. We customize a fee schedule for you, based on your unique situation and the actual services that we provide you.